Our Story

Mihael -Catalin Anton a.k.a. Michael, was born in Bucharest, Romania.  At only five years old, Mihael was rushed to the hospital where he ultimately lost his pulse, and doctors were initially stumped by what could be wrong with him.  In a small miracle; his pulse returned and he was diagnosed with kidney blockage and failure.  He was given only a few weeks to live but miraculously he was able to recover.  After his unbelievable recovery, Mihael was asked by doctors to start doing a sport in order to regain his strength and mobility.  Mihael chose the sport of gymnastics which he not only developed a love for, but also a burning desire to become a champion.  Within two years after beginning gymnastics, Mihael had already become a pommel horse Gold medalist with the score of a perfect 10!  In only two short years he went from needing help to move and being too weak to stand on his own; to becoming a Champion in what is said to be the hardest sport in the entire world, in a country which is famous for having the best athletes in the sport.

He continued to make great strides in his gymnastics career, winning many National Titles and training on the Romanian Olympic Gymnastics Men’s National Junior Team.  In 1994 Mihael’s career came to a halt when he suffered a catastrophic injury on high bar in which he suffered extreme facial and head trauma.  This injury nearly ended his ability to do gymnastics again.  After being out of gymnastics and any type of physical activity for eight months due to medical restriction, his strong mind and love for gymnastics brought him back to the sport,  and less than a year after returning he regained his title of pommel horse National Champion.  In 1998 he was placed on the Senior Olympic National Team.  He went on to again win multiple National Titles and to compete the skill on high bar which nearly killed him.

After receiving an offer to train in Cirque du Soleil, Mihael left gymnastics, and moved to Canada where his artistic and acrobatic talents were highlighted while he trained to perform in Cirque du Soleil shows.  His areas of expertise we the flying trapeze, Russian swing, and the aerial hoop.  His experience enlightened him to conditioning which was specific to each athlete’s needs in order to prevent and rehabilitate injury.  Although he loved the company, training, atmosphere, and everything about his experience with Cirque du Soleil, he returned to Romania to begin coaching gymnastics.

In 2002 Mihael was awarded his Bachelor’s Degree in Sport specializing in Artistic Gymnastics from the National School of Coaching in Bucharest, Romania.  In a short period of time he became one of youngest most highly decorated coaches in the country; training gymnasts with multiple National & International Championship titles; most recently his former gymnast, Diana Bulimar, competed in the 2012 London Olympic Games, winning a bronze medal in the team competition.

Mihael’s most recent coaching accomplishment is in a sport other than gymnastics… He is currently the coach of the 2011 Ms. Fitness National Silver Medalist and 2011 Ms. Fitness International Bronze Medalist, Ashley Del Monte Anton.  Mihael started coaching Ashley when she was twenty-one years old… Although she had a background in competitive gymnastics, she had been out of any type of physical activity for seven years due to a severe elbow injury.  After giving her the inspiration to transform and strengthen her body and mind; giving her the confidence that she would not get injured if she practiced proper conditioning; and re-teaching her acrobatic skills; she went on to become the youngest, most highly awarded first year Ms. Fitness competitor in history and was awarded the Gold Medal for her routine Ms. Fitness National & International.

Ashley Del Monte Anton was born in Brewster, New York.  She started gymnastics at the age of eight and went on to win many state and regional titles.  Although she trained in gymnastics through level 10, with each new level she acquired a multitude of injuries.   In 2004 she suffered a severe elbow injury which  left her unable to continue her gymnastics career.  Although her injury left her feeling  unfinished with her own gymnastics  career, she channeled her passion for gymnastics into coaching.  At only fifteen years old, Ashley began coaching her own competitive gymnastics team in a gymnastics center owned by her parents.  She was determined to give her athletes what she felt she was not always given herself as a gymnast, which was conditioning to prevent injury; as well as a strong mind and body.

After seven years of inactivity, she met her current coach, Mihael-Catalin Anton and was inspired to live a healthier lifestyle and to start competing fitness.  She began training to compete in July of 2010 and entered her first competition only three months later in September where the judges were so impressed with her performance that they featured her in the Spring 2011 edition of Ms. Fitness Magazine.  From here she took the industry of competitive fitness by storm when her grace, poise, and physique only became more spectacular.  During each competition she was determined to not only stun the audience with her physique and acrobatics, but also to inspire them through her words, “Stop setting small goals for yourself and stop assuming what is impossible for you; because if you can do those two things, you will find many things are possible for you that you never even dreamed of! Small goals only lead you to a small life, but big goals lead you to endless possibility”.  She trained by those words and after only one season of competing, she now holds the title of 2011 Ms. Fitness National Silver Medalist, and 2011 Ms. Fitness International Bronze Medalist.

A love of gymnastics,coaching, and a little bit of fate is what brought Ashley & Mihael together.  They decided to exemplify their similar passions by creating a Fitness & Acrobatics business which stands apart from the rest – not only because of the level of technical instruction or creative training given; but because of the overall lifelong education that can be absorbed through each training.  Their ultimate goal as coaches is not only to give the best physical/skill related results to their students, but most importantly to first develop a strong, self-confident, & self-respectful mind; which in return gives each student the ability to acquire a strong, beautiful body, and the tools to make any dream they may have, no matter the size, come within grasping reach.