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Ashley D Anton’s

Prescription for Artistry

“Contradictory to its’ name, Women’s “artistic” gymnastics is becoming less and less artistic as the sports’ rules demand more and more acrobatic skill requirements from it’s athletes.  As coaches focus on pushing the limit with with acrobatic skills to raise the difficulty value of a routine, less time is being spent on creating a routine which is artistically captivating and beautiful. For any gymnast to really SHINE she MUST capture the heart of the judges and audience with her fluidity of movement and expression during choreography, especially at the Junior Olympic level when the difficulty is not yet calculated!

As an avid coach and USAG judge, my goal is to help coaches and gymnasts maintain and enhance the “beauty” of gymnastics as the skill level rises to create an overall “WOW” factor!  It is essential that a little bit of extra time is set aside during practice to teach gymnasts how to perform rather than just what to perform. In competition at any level, it is always ultimately the “how” that beats the “what”.”


  • Are you a gymnast who needs help enhancing the look of your beam or floor routine?  Book a private “polishing” session!
  • Are you a coach who is scratching your head trying to get your gymnasts to display that extra bit of flair but just can’t seem to pull it out of them? Book a clinic for yourself & your gymnasts!

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