Class Programs

All of our classes are quaint! We intentionally keep class sizes smaller than the average in order to provide our students with a great learning environment! Students work at their own personal pace during class and no student will ever feel left behind or lost! Our classes run in short, four week sessions so you have the freedom to change your schedule if needed!!!

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Pre School Gymnastics

Elementary & Middle School Gymnastics

Tumbling Classes

Specialty Classes

Here is a brief description of the different classes we offer….

            • Gymnastics: Tailored by age group, programs are offered for boys & girls in which they will learn skills on all of the Olympic events!
              • Pre-school Gymnastics: For boys & girls in which they will learn the basics of tumbling to prepare them for all Olympic Events when they are older and stronger**Time for Two is a parent child class for two year olds** **2.5 is an independent class for 2 ½ year olds**
            • Fitness:
              • Kids/Teen Fitness: Tailored by age group, these classes will teach adolescents the importance of exercise and how to exercise properly for their specific age group. Exercises will utilize body movement and for certain age groups very light free weights.
              • Adult Fitness: Unconventional, challenging, total body fitness training built to elongate and sculpt the muscles giving a toned, feminine look. Quaint groups with personalized attention given to each member equaling a comforting and learning conducive environment.
            • Tumbling Classes: Divided by age, skill level, & gender
              •  Beginner (Beg.)- Appropriate for the true beginner. Will learn basic rolls, handstands, cartwheels, bridges etc.
              • Intermediate (Int.) – Pre-requisite of a front or backwalkover without assistance. Will learn handsprings, round-off handsprings, and begin tucks.
              • Advanced (Adv.) – Pre-requisite of a backhandspring or above without assistance. The sky’s the limit for this class and skills taught will be tailored to each individual.
            • Flexibility Classes: Participants will learn how to properly stretch their bodies and will improve overall flexibility to help prevent injuries during sports. This will imply independent & assisted stretching, as well as large range body movements which will give a functional use to newfound flexibility during daily life/sports.
            • Leaps & jumps: Participants will learn proper technique on leaps, jumps for gymnastics on balance beam and/or floor exercise, cheerleading, or dance.
            • Specific Strengthening Classes
              • Dance strong: Specific conditioning for dancers to increase flexibility and explosiveness for jumps & leaps as well as body control on pirouettes