Goddess Fitness

Make Your Transformation

Set a deadline, stick to it, and make your goddess transformation alongside Ashley and her team of goddesses as you together make your way to the stage! Before you read this and think “That’s not for me” or “I could never do that”, take a moment to really think about what is truly holding you back? Most likely the answer is… YOURSELF! Throw away self doubt and move forwards towards a healthier, sexier, more confident YOU!


Tell Me More!

Ashley will be making her way back to the stage competing under the WBFF (World Beauty Fitness & Fashion, Inc.).  We would like to extend the opportunity  for you to join her in making your own transformation in their brand new “Transformation Division”.  The transformation can be anywhere from 3 months to 3 years of time & contestants will be judged on their 500 word personal story and overall body transformation (a high resolution before picture will be used as comparison).  Contestants will reveal their transformation on stage in classy swimsuit attire and 3-5 inch heels.  Depending upon number of entries, the top 3 or 5 contestants will qualify to the WBFF Worlds Vegas (held in Las Vegas) which features prizes and the chance to be featured in Fit & Firm Magazine.  But more than anything this is a chance for you to transform your body and your life and the stage gives you a platform to let your hard work and pride shine!