Elite Competitive Gymnastics

Since we have the advantage of our head coach being an Olympic level Gymnastics coach, we have the ability and passion to go above and beyond the every day realm of competitive gymnastics and soar into the elite division.  Elite gymnastics although spectacular and admired by the world is not for everyone; it truly takes a very unique athlete to become an elite gymnast.  The amount of courage, dedication, persistence, power of will, determination, ability to take and apply correction, and god given talent is to the extreme level which is why the position of an elite gymnast is only held by few in comparison to how many JO or Xcel competitive gymnasts there are.  We begin keeping a watchful eye for girls who have what it takes to become an elite gymnast from as young as three years old! Our elite group is hand selected and spacing is limited so we can provide ample attention to all gymnasts.  The expectation of maturity, positive attitude, mental and physical toughness, and execution is at the highest level out of any of our programs in order to guide our gymnasts down the path to gold.  Above all, it is our biggest focus to guide each gymnast down the path to her personal fullest potential in the competitive program that suits her best!