10 Minute Daily Kratos Kids Challenge!

Challenge yourself to be better with each day! Try and increase how many repetitions you can complete each time you take the challenge! Make sure you keep good form on everything you do so you can become the best you can be!

1) 1 minute right leg split

2) 1 minute left leg split

3) 1 minute straddle split

4) 20 second bridge (5 times)

5) 1 minute v-ups (must complete at least 25 arch ups in the minute)

6) 1 minute arch-ups (must complete at least 30 arch ups in the minute)

7) 1 minute push-ups (must complete at least 20 push ups in the minute)

8) 1 minute squats with feet together (swing arms like a backhandspring and go up on toes when legs are straight – complete at least 30 in the minute)

9) 30 second forward kicks on each leg (stand with arms straight out to the side and kick one leg forwards up to at least horizontal while keeping both legs straight – must complete at least 25 kicks on one side in the 30 seconds before switching)

10) 20 second handstand against the wall (5 times)