Chase Your Challenges

What is the first thing you think of when you are given a difficult or challenging assignment to perform? Normally the conversation to follow will go something like this…

    -Athlete: Awww, do I have to?

    -Coach: Yes

    -Athlete: But it’s hard!!

    -Coach: I know but it makes you better!!

Being a champion starts with conquering your own personal challenges!

Instead of trying to avoid what challenges you, run straight towards it! 99% of the time things that challenge you are the things that will give you the biggest benefit in the long run! Yes, it is hard and most of the time painful, BUT if you take a moment to breath, think positively about the long-term effects of the task (you will get stronger, you will get closer to achieving a skill you need, you will become more flexible, etc.), and set your mind towards defeating that challenge, then the challenge will be over before you know it! The more you think about how horrible and hard it is, the harder it is to make yourself complete it. 

Try to think positively during your training and set a goal to chase your challenges instead of running away from them!!  If you chase after what challenges you, you can eventually surpass the challenge and leave it in the dust; but if you run away from it, you let it win the race!