Goal Setting with Inspiration Boards

Try this fun and educational craft at home with your little athlete to help them start setting goals! It will give them time to really sit and think about what inspires them and what they want to accomplish and it also makes a cute, very personal decorative piece for their room where they can continually look and remind themselves of their dreams!

What you need

– Cork board

– Thumbnails

– Magazines (or Google for a second option)

– scissors

– White board & marker/eraser

(You can find these things framed together at your local Wal-Mart, TJ Maxx, Christmas Tree Shops, etc.)


On the cork board have your athlete cut out whatever words or pictures from old magazines which inspire them to be their best athletically. Ex: Words like “You Can Do It” or “Be Your Best”

On the white board side have them right down 5 short-term goals (goals they can accomplish within the next 3 practices they attend) and 5 bigger goals they have.

If you want to challenge them even more, after they right down what they want to achieve, ask them how they are going to be able to! If they have been paying attention in class they should be able to tell you the technique aspect of what they are doing and definitely should be able to state key mentality tips like “remind myself of the technique as I go through the skill” and “pay attention to the corrections my coach gives me”.