Make Sure You Fill Your “Effort” Tank Before You Rev Your Engine

It seems obvious but make sure you are always trying your best! Many times you can go through an entire practice and only really try your hardest on a couple of turns that you take!  What if you took 20 turns during practice and really concentrated your very hardest on only 6 of them? The other 14 turns you took you wasted time you could have used to improve yourself! Although you may get a little bit better by the end of your practice this way, think about how much better you would get if you tried your hardest on all 20 turns you took!

Think about a car on a long trip as your practices & the gas that goes in the car as the effort you put in to your practice….. Maybe you can go 20 miles in the car without having to stop for gas; or you can do 20 practices without filling up your effort tank. But once you get to 25 miles in the car the gas tank starts to run empty until the car starts moving slower and slower and then it finally stops because it is out of gas!

It is the same thing with you and with any athlete; being talented can only take you through so many practices until you finally start slowing down just like the car and eventually come to a stop in your progress because you haven’t been fueling your “effort tank”.