Strength = Success

Different Athletes Require Different Bodies


If you look at the bodies of the world’s elite athlete, each sport develops its’ own body type. This is because each sport requires a different strength from its’ participating athletes.  Although all athletes must be strong in general; there are also unique variations of strength for each athlete.

Acrobatic sports are unique in the way that so  much is required from the athletes’ body.  They must be explosive yet be able to control their movement; they must be graceful yet powerful; they must be flexible but strong enough not to bend more than their skills require them to; they must be able to feel where their body is without seeing the limbs; they must be able to keep their muscle contracted while stretching them at the same time; they must constantly use full body coordination; they must be able to lift their entire body weight in extreme positions

These unique strengths and abilities take an extreme amount of training in order to become adequately developed. Although general exercise it wonderful for becoming fit and strengthening muscles, it is no match for the specific strength an athlete needs to complete skills in their sport.  The specific strength needed for each sport can only be developed during specific conditioning programs which are designed in accordance to the demands of each specific sport.

Where parents and sometimes coaches often make mistakes is by placing a lot of emphasis on their athletes learning skills, and little to no emphasis on their athlete being strong enough to learn, complete, and maintain those skills.  With no offense do we blame parents for making this mistake as it is very common! Of course a parent wants their child to participate in their favorite part of training and exceed at it BUT an athlete’s strength is more important than their overall skill level because the skills almost always have a direct correlation with the amount of specific strength an athlete possesses (meaning the more specific strength an athlete has; the higher the level of skill they will be able to learn).  One of the many roles of a parent in an athletes’ life is to help encourage their athlete to have a strong body.  Help your athlete become their best by talking with them about the importance of being strong, enrolling them in a specific conditioning program for their sport, and most of all by being a great role model by taking care of your own personal fitness!