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Take Time for Technique

In the process of learning a new skill, completion time is not the only thing of essence. Although it is vital to continually progress forwards, athletes and parents more often than not get stuck on the thought that attaining a new skill is the only form of progression. We all, […]

Strength = Success

  If you look at the bodies of the world’s elite athlete, each sport develops its’ own body type. This is because each sport requires a different strength from its’ participating athletes.  Although all athletes must be strong in general; there are also unique variations of strength for each athlete. […]

Climb Towards Competition

Competing in a sport is becoming easier by the minute in the United States but is a fast track into competition really the best way to do things?  Enrolling children in a sport is almost certainly “a must” for their overall well-being but the line between recreational sports and competitive […]

Eliminating Risk In Cheerleading Stunting

Cheerleading has been booming in popularity over the last ten years.  Rightfully so, cheerleading is a spectacular and amazing sport to watch when the routines and skills are executed properly!  As athletes started choosing cheerleading as their sport of choice at an earlier age, the high influx of participants caused […]

The Golden Skill – The Handstand

The handstand is one of the most basic skills in gymnastics but it is THE MOST IMPORTANT! The body passes through the handstand position multiple times on every event! A perfectly straight and controlled handstand is just one of the many secrets of becoming a successful gymnast! See if you […]

Proper Technique = Consistent Progression

  These two pictures both depict the same tumbling skill: a back handspring…. If they are both of the same exact skill why would they look different?  These two pictures also display an all too often to be true stereotype; when doing an image search of a back handspring silhouette the […]

All Year Round = All-Around Acrobat

When you watch Olympic gymnastics it is a rare occasion to see a gymnast make a large mistake or fall.  Many spectators have the impression that the gymnasts are perfect and the skills they are performing are easy for them because they are completed so flawlessly.  Some may wonder how they achieve […]

10 MINUTE & 30 SECONDS Daily Flexibility Challenge

Becoming more flexible can help you become better at whatever sport you participate in because your body is able to move through larger motions.  For example; if you needed to take a long step to be able to reach and intercept a ball in lacrosse you would need flexible legs; […]

Chase Your Challenges

What is the first thing you think of when you are given a difficult or challenging assignment to perform? Normally the conversation to follow will go something like this…     -Athlete: Awww, do I have to?     -Coach: Yes     -Athlete: But it’s hard!!     -Coach: I know but it makes you […]

Number 1 Nutrition

As children become more involved in sports most parents begin to notice a drop in their overall energy and suspect that their child is participating in too much activity.  The truth is the activity is great for the body but their growing bodies cannot sustain energy without the proper fuel.  […]

Playing Up The Positive

Many times as adults we forget to recognize the positive improvements we make when working towards achieving a goal and solely focus on that we have not entirely accomplished it yet… During any sport, especially one such as acrobatics which requires countless repetitions in order to master a single skill; […]

Practice Positive!

Practicing with a positive attitude is the easiest way to improve yourself! Try and remember these tips during practice!!!!   Always believe in yourself Try, try, try again and never give up Take time to think about your corrections on your skills before you perform them Imagine what you want […]

Body & Spirit

Everyone needs to find inspiration from somewhere!! We had the honor of having our own inspiring stories be featured in the January 2013 edition of International Gymnast Magazine! You can read them by clicking the link below and then choosing the option “open” Body and Spirit

Transforming Frustration Into Determination In 10 Steps

Every athlete from the recreational to the elite competitor experiences frustration during training and/or competition.  Whether it’s a skill they can’t seem to accomplish, a fear they can’t surpass, a feeling that they are lagging behind their peers; it can be so hard to watch your little athlete be in anguish!  Besides being detrimental to their […]

Be YOUR Best!

When doing any sport it is normal for you to wish to be THE BEST but what is even more important is always making sure to be YOUR BEST! Whether it is in practice or competition you should always strive to complete every single skill you do your very best and then […]

10 Minute Daily Kratos Kids Challenge!

Challenge yourself to be better with each day! Try and increase how many repetitions you can complete each time you take the challenge! Make sure you keep good form on everything you do so you can become the best you can be! 1) 1 minute right leg split 2) 1 minute left […]

Goal Setting with Inspiration Boards

Try this fun and educational craft at home with your little athlete to help them start setting goals! It will give them time to really sit and think about what inspires them and what they want to accomplish and it also makes a cute, very personal decorative piece for their room where […]

Make Sure You Fill Your “Effort” Tank Before You Rev Your Engine

It seems obvious but make sure you are always trying your best! Many times you can go through an entire practice and only really try your hardest on a couple of turns that you take!  What if you took 20 turns during practice and really concentrated your very hardest on only […]