Private Opportunities Overview

We offer a few different options when it comes to training privately!! You have the option of the traditional private lesson, creating a private group class, or requesting a clinic!

Overview & Scheduling Policies:

  • All private lessons are 60 minutes in length consisting of a 15 minute warm-up to prepare the body for activity and help increase overall flexibility prior to exercise/acrobatics; 40 minutes of exercise/acrobatics; and 5 minutes of cool-down stretching to relax the muscles and help prevent delayed onset muscle soreness.
  • We offer private lessons in tumbling, fitness, specific gymnastics events, & flexibility
  • Each client will be a given a personalized and individualized workout program at every session they attend. The coach will be there to demonstrate and help guide each client through their personalized workout to ensure that each exercise and/or skill is done correctly and will be most beneficial to the client.
  • Clients may schedule a personalized session between the hours of 6:00am (the earliest the first class of the day may begin) and 8:00pm (the latest the last class of the day may begin)
  • No makeups for cancelled lessons
  • ANY “NO-SHOWS” (clients who don’t show up for a scheduled class without calling or call less than 3 hours before their scheduled class) WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO CONTINUE ANY CLASSES AND WILL NOT BE REFUNDED

Private Lessons

We offer private lessons in tumbling, fitness, specific gymnastics events, & flexibility!! Click here to view our Private Lesson Pricing We want to work with your schedule! Just ask us what’s available!

Create Your Own Class

Can’t find a class that fits your personal schedule?  You can create one! Choose any of the time slots available for private lessons and we can use the time for a custom class for you and at least 4 of your closest friends!! Once per week (four weeks): $65 each Twice per week (four weeks: […]

Request A Clinic

As both Ashley and Mihael have unique and extensive educational backgrounds in both fitness and gymnastics they are each willing to spread their knowledge with the community! You can now request a private clinic for your team or group!! Clinics range from thirty minutes to two hours of education in the following areas…   – […]